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Search Engine Optimisation

Also known as SEO, this hidden gem is most important in getting your website found. 

It is the process of getting natural and organic search results on search engines. This can be achieved with meta data and H tags.

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What is Metadata?

Metadata is related to search engines. It's worth getting clued up if you want your site to be found.

Meta Title
The title of a webpage needs to concisely describe the page content. Keep it short and sweet - under 50 characters is best.

Meta Description
You can go into slightly more detail here but try and keep it under 150 characters. Remember to include some relevant keywords to add value and drive clicks.

Meta Keywords
Since 2009, these are ignored by the majority of search engines but you are free to set these for the search engines that still use them.

What are ‘H’ tags?

Heading tags are useful when building your website. The search engines crawl your site and look out for these headings. They are placed in order of importance. We suggest you include your most relevant keywords in these headings.

Each ‘H’ tag is broken down in the following order:

Heading 1 - most important (usually the title)
Heading 2 - second most important (usually sub headings)
Heading 3 - 6 - Less important headings.
Paragraph - this is where you have the bulk of your content.
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Give your site a little love and watch your audience grow

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Your Go Edit dashboard allows you to input Search Engine Optimisation data ensuring your website gets seen.

The meta description is important to include on every page. This is where you can include your most powerful keywords about your business.

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Go Edit website builder allows you to create amazing websites without any coding knowledge. Our main aim is to keep web design simple, using drag and drop functions and easy to use features to build a successful website for your business.

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