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Common Widget Settings

Common features are available for most of the widgets. For example: Spacing, Alignment, Visible On, Link To, Background, Anchor, Animation, Preset Name.

1. "Spacing" 

This option allows you to create space around content (You can increase or decrease the indent between the widget and border from 4 sides: left, right, top, bottom). Each side has it's own drop-down lists, which contain the following sizes: "Auto", "0", "Small", "Medium", "Large". "Auto" size is used by default.

2. "Alignment"

Widget alignment provides the ability to adjust a widget's position, depending on whether it is left, center, or right aligned. You may also re-align any item for each device size if the alignment options are under the "Devices" options.

3. "Visible On"

This feature allows you to hide/show the current widget at different device sizes (Desktop, Tablet, Landscape Mobile, Portrait Mobile). The yellow line indicates the active device and the greyed icon indicates the disabled device.

4. "Link To"

This feature enables a click action option for your widget. There are several options available: "None", "Go to Page", "Go to Blog", "Go to Post", "Go to Store", "Go to Category", "Go to Product", "Open URL", "Mail To", "Open in Lightbox", "Open File".

"None" - action option is disabled.

"Go to Home" - this feature allows you to link the widget/object directly to your homepage.

"Go to Page" - this feature allows you to link to a specific page on your website. You can choose any page from the list of created pages.

"Open Popup" - this feature allows you to open the popup you have created.

"Go to Blog" - this feature allows you to enter the main Blog page of your site.

"Go to Post" - this feature allows you to link to a specific post from your blog.

"Open URL" - this feature allows you to link to an external URL.

"Mail To" - this feature allows you to specify an e-mail address that once clicked will open the user's default email client/composer and prefill the address field with the email address you provide.

"Call To" - this feature allows you to make a call to the selected number.

"Open in Lightbox" - this feature allows you to open an image file from your Media Library and preview it in full size.

"Open File" - this feature allows you to open files from the Media Library.

You can also enable the "Force Download" feature for the "Open File" option - when clicked the file will be downloaded without preview.

You need to specify the file title with its extension (for example test.pdf) within the "File Name" field.

5. "Background"

You may change the colour, background image and video within the widget using this option.

"Colour" - You can change your widget's background colour using this option.

There are 25 pre-programmed colours, as well as 5 additional (independent) colours. If you want to use a colour that isn't in the colour palette, click "More Colours" and choose a different colour or enter a HEX code.

Any colour may be selected in the colour picker section. The "Current" field shows your present hue, whereas the "New" field displays a new hue that will change your current one. To save the outcomes, click the "Ok" button. If you wish to reverse your decisions, click the "Cancel" button.

"Alternative Sticky Colour" feature means that the background colour of the Container may be different when in the "Sticky" mode.

"Image" - this feature allows you to add/remove a background image for your widget.

If a Background Image hasn't been set yet - please click + button, so you will be redirected to the site’s Media Library.

Please choose your image from the list of images within the popup area and click the "Apply" button.

Edit/Remove buttons will appear on the right side of the section, which allow you to choose an alternative image in the Media Library or remove the "Background Image". You will now be able to see the additional features: "Size", "Position", "Tile", "Fixed", "Parallax".

Video (.mp4) and Video (.webm) - allow you to enable background video for the Container widget.

6. "Image Size"

When you set a Background Image for your site, the "Image Sizing" section will appear. It has three different choices: "Original," "Cover," and "Contain."

"Original size" option displays the default (original) image with it’s default size.

"Cover size" option stretches the image over the entire space, preserving the original image proportions.

"Contain size" contains the image within the area (height or width), preserving the original proportions.

7. "Position"

The image's position is adjusted by using the arrow buttons (by default, the Left Top arrow button).

8. "Image Tile"

This image tile option allows you to use your background images in a repeating pattern within the "Container" widget.

"Don’t Repeat" option is used by default.

The "Repeat" option allows you to enable the repeating of a background image on the page. This will repeat the image in both the x and y direction covering the entire space with repeated images.

"Repeat X" option allows you to repeat the background image in reference to the area’s width. This will repeat the image horizontally only.

"Repeat Y" option allows you to repeat the background image in reference to the area’s height. This will repeat the image vertically only

9. Image Effects

"Parallax" - this option allows you to enable the parallax effect for the background image of your widget. If Parallax feature is enabled, Fixed background feature will be disabled and vice versa. To see what this effect does please view the page on the front end, the effect does not display in the builder.

"Fixed" - This option allows you to use a fixed position for your background image. If the "Fixed" feature is disabled, then the background image will move simultaneously with content.

10. "Anchor"

This option allows you to set the anchor in any part of the page and enter this section immediately after you use a redirect option with the anchor feature enabled.

11. "Animation"

This area allows you to set animation type effects for a widget/elements first appearance.

12. "Preset Name"

This option allows you to choose the visual appearance of the widget and edit it's preset features via the "Design" section. Each template has a variety of unique presets. Each widget has a different amount of presets.

13. "Adjust to Fit the Screen Height"

This common feature allows you to set a widget's minimum height according to the height of the screen.

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