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Image Widget

This widget allows you to use/edit images on your website’s page.

"Image" widget is separated into two tabs: "Settings" and "Design".

Settings -

this tab provides the following editing tools for your image: "Image", "Link To", "Title", "Alt Text",, "Devices", "Alignment", "Spacing", "Animation".

You will first need to add a photo from the Media Library. Within the "Image" widget, please click the + button.

System will redirect you to the Media Library. Please choose the image you want to use or upload one and then click "Apply" button.

You may also choose different image size, when you select an from the Media Library to add to the page.

"Image Size"  has 5 different sizes: Original (Default), Small, Medium, Large, HD (depending on the size of the original image). You may pick any size from the "Image Size" drop-down menu (if the picture is large enough).

Small - 125*125рх

Medium - 300*300px

Large - 1200*1200рх

Extra Large (HD) - 1980*1980px

"Title" - your image’s title (it can be changed within the same field for the chosen image within the Media Library).

"Alt Text" - if your browser's settings prevent you from previewing pictures, this text will show instead of your picture, this is essential for accessibility like screen readers etc.

Including meta data like image titles and alt text can help with SEO (when you hover over a image - you will see the image’s title). Search engines can also index such a title.

Design -

Allows you to select the "Preset Name" The different presets contain different styles for the element.

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