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Build your own website easily with Go Edit. Keep website design simple

Our easy to use design tools allow you to change colours and opacity as well as specify a site wide colour palette. Also, within the design section, define rules and styles for the various components placed on the page.

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Our drag and drop function allows you to easily customise your website

Click and drag your selected elements into your website pages with ease. Whether you are working from a template or building a website from scratch, the drag and drop function allows you to build a website to your requirements.

Choose your own colour palette

Select a colour palette that suits your branding guidelines, input these colours manually or by inputting hex codes, to create a colour palette suited to your business.

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Great website design

A specifically designed website that is tailored to your own business stands out and promotes trust with your visitors. Using a Go Edit website design has shown to produce better conversions. And to build your own website couldn't be simpler with the incredible features Go Edit has to offer.

Go Edit features in more detail

Structure Widgets

A row lets you split sections of a page into columns. A container allows you to restrict other widgets within the containers boundaries. 

Drag and drop a row or container and work within these boundaries to create your desired design. 

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Basic Widgets

Start to build your own website with these basic widgets. 
Add text to build up your SEO score with keyword rich content that is tailored to your business. 

Include striking images that capture the attention of your visitors, add buttons that are styled in the way you want, include structured menus and add contact forms so your visitors can get in touch easily.

Gallery Widgets

Make your site visually pleasing with images that can be organised in many different ways. From a simple image on a page to sliding images with text overlaid.

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Social Widgets

Keep in contact with your customers via social media and link these to your website. For example no need to manually input your Instagram images, simply drag and drop the Instagram widget into a row in your website and see your Insta images automatically upload to your website.

Media Widgets

Go one step further with your media by including video and sound content. You can stream videos via YouTube or Vimeo saving you bandwidth. Alternatively, you can input a video in the background to play on a loop. Capturing and retaining your visitor’s attention.

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Google Widgets

Show your customers where you are on the map by including an accurate visual location and link your google calendar and add search bars.

Widget Add-ons

Integrating your email subscription services means you can collect email addresses that you can target for your marketing campaigns whilst maintaining GDPR compliance.

Maybe you have an event which you would like to advertise on your website? The countdown timer is perfect for this. Or progress bars showing your visitors actual statistics of raising funds or project timelines. Group data in a neat and professional way with accordions or grab the attention of your visitors with pop up windows.

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PayPal payment buttons can be integrated into your website to give you an easy eCommerce solution. These can even be enabled within your single page website and landing pages. iFrames enable you to load external web pages within your site. Use the scroll to widget to send the user to a specific point on the website or even embed code into your website for the more tech savvy creator.

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Fully Responsive

The main reason we have fully responsive website design is so that it makes the experience for visitors much more enjoyable. Your website needs to allow for smaller screens so by creating a website which has a fully responsive function built into the system you increase your mobile traffic, convert more users with a lower bounce rate and potentially higher conversions. 

Improve your success rate by giving the users a better experience by seeing the content in the right image and text size so that it can be read easily and of course, buttons can be clicked on.

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It’s a click of a button...

With the Go Edit website builder, simply build your own website in the desktop view and at a click of a button view your website in all device modes. When you create the desktop view, Go Edit automatically places the same design elements in a tablet and mobile screen device layouts, saving you time and effort in configuring each one.

Start to build your own website now!

Every single Go Edit website starts with a 14 day FREE trial. So there's no reason to not make the change and start building your own website and get your brand on the right track. You upgrade your account at anytime so if you start off with a single page website and business is blooming and you decide you need to expand your website, we've got you covered.

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Go Edit website builder allows you to create amazing websites without any coding knowledge. Our main aim is to keep web design simple, using drag and drop functions and easy to use features to build a successful website for your business.

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