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Create website blog posts

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Attract new visitors with engaging blogs

Creating regular website blog posts will help build your brand awareness and create engagement with your potential customers.

Link your social media accounts and post unique content regularly to further propagate your brands reach. Put yourself in your customers shoes when writing posts to provide them with something of value in order to create great customer loyalty.

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Blog on the go

Your blogs will be accessed by your visitors wherever they go. Catch them on the go when they have the time.
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Build fresh content

Build on your websites content by writing regular blogs to entice new and existing visitors to your page.
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Integrated into Go Edit

Go Edit has a fully integrated blog ready for when you like to utilise its content rich features.
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Link buttons to your blog pages

Link your information pages in your website to your blog post to drive visitors there.
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Blog traffic

Writing fresh content on a regular basis creates excellent blog posts, which means your site is constantly being crawled by the search engines.

The SEO side of blogging means that you are updating your website with interesting new content about your business, keeping your customers happy and helping drive greater awareness of your business.

Create website content using Go Edit's easy to use blog system which is set up to get you going as quickly as possible. 

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Show off your brand

Share your expertise with others and give confidence to new customers about you and your brand.

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Social Blogging

Go Edit has the facilities for you visitors to effortlessly share and discuss your blog posts across all the popular social platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. You simply create website blog posts like normal and your users can share these at a click of a button to a variety of social platforms.

Find out more about social features here.
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Go Edit website builder allows you to create amazing websites without any coding knowledge. Our main aim is to keep web design simple, using drag and drop functions and easy to use features to build a successful website for your business.

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